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dect 1080 manual

Ask your question here. Provide a clear and comprehensive description of the issue and your question. The more detail you provide for your issue and question, the easier it will be for other Uniden DECT 1080 owners to properly answer your question. Ask a question About the Uniden DECT 1080 Do you have a question about the Uniden DECT 1080 or do you need help. Ask your question here Uniden DECT 1080 specifications ensures that you will find the manual you are looking for in no time. Our database contains more than 1 million PDF manuals from more than 10,000 brands. Every day we add the latest manuals so that you will always find the product you are looking for. It's very simple: just type the brand name and the type of product in the search bar and you can instantly view the manual of your choice online for free. ManualSearcher. com If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Read more Ok. Introducing your Digital Cordless TelephoneThere is usually a feeWelcome. Thank you for purchasing a Uniden Multi-HandsetNote: Illustrations in this manual are used forSome illustrations in thisAccessibility. Uniden provides a customer service hotline forIf you have a disability andA representative is available to talk to you M-F,After hours, you canInformation is also available on our website,In this guide you will find all the information youAlternativeContents. Setting up. Finding a location. Connecting your phone. Preparing the handsets. Installing and charging the handset battery pack. Battery Low Warning. Battery Performance. Setting the date and time. Connecting the telephone line cord. Store a redial number to the phonebook. Deleting numbers from the redial list. Mute (privacy). Keypad lock. Conversation recordingYour base. Your handset display. Standby Display. Quick GuideView and dial a phonebook entry. Check available memory space. Using your phone. Make a call. Make a call by pre-dialing. Handset range. Call timer.

Handsfree. End a call. Receive a call. Call Waiting. Receiving internal calls. Muting the ringer. Redial. Redial the last number called. Redial any of the last 10 numbers calledHandset ringer volume. Handset ringer type. Auto talk. Sound enhancer. Appointment. Alarm. Handset name. Talk display. Language. Prefix dialing. Seven-Digit Dialing. Call barringSettings menu. Tones. Dial Mode. Tone Dialing Switch-Over. Registering a new handset. De-register a handset or a base. Base PIN code. Selecting a base. Resetting your phoneCaller ID. Call Waiting Tone. Calls log. View the Calls log. Copy Calls log number to the phonebook. Delete Calls log entry(ies)Walkie-Talkie. Set Walkie-Talkie mode. Make a Walkie-Talkie call. Walkie-Talkie ringer volume. Walkie-Talkie ringer type. Exit Walkie-Talkie mode. Room monitor. Using room monitor. Call another handset (internal or intercom call). Answer an external call while on an internal call. Transferring a call. Conference callAnswering Machine Operation from a Handset. Message Playback. Record Memo. Answering Machine Settings. Select OGM. Setting Call Screen. Using Call Screen. Ring Delay. Message Length. Setting Remote PIN. Message Alert. Using the Base Answering Machine. Remote Access Away from HomeCaller ID. Telephone Answering MachineSpecifications. Maintenance. Cleaning your product. Replacing the handset battery pack. Liquid Damage. Precautions. I.C. Notice. WarrantySetting up. Follow these simple steps to prepare yourFinding a locationUsing another power supply could seriouslyDo not connect the telephone line cord untilThis will preventAnswering the phoneNOTE: Once your handset is fully charged, yourLED to turn off for approximately 4Preparing the handsets. Installing and charging the handset battery packRemove the battery compartment cover.

Press down on the semi-circle indent and slideConnect the supplied battery pack with theSlide the battery cover back until it clicksTo alleviate the charge LED from blinking on theThe charging light inWhile charging, theIf the charging light does not come on, repositionYou must chargeYou may also select to leave the handset in theThis is normalOnly use theCHARGE BATTERY appears and you hear theSetting the date and time. The phone uses the 24 hour clock. In standby:For optimum performance, be sure to return theBattery Performance. The handset may become warm during charging,Over time, as the batteries wear out, the chargeConnecting the telephone line cordLINE jack on the back of the base. Plug the other end into the telephone outlet. Setting up your phone is complete. Now you can make and receive calls. Eventually the battery pack will need to beYour HandsetEarpiece. Display. ClearEndTalk. Intercom. Use when making internal calls,Speaker. Lock. Press and hold to switch theTemporary Tone. Press and hold to switch theMicrophoneYour base. Telephone line. AC power (yellow). Answering Machine LED Display. Charge LEDIn Use LEDFind HSAns (answering machine)Your handset display. Symbol. Explanation. Always displayed when your handset isExplanation. Displayed when you are in handsfree. Displayed when the ringer volume is setBattery fully charged. Half charged. Always displayed when your handset isFlashes and you hear a warning toneEmpty and you hear a warning tone the battery is low and needs charging. Remains steady when the line is in use. Flashes while connecting andIndicates the alarm has been set. The call is muted. Displayed when the keypad has beenDisplayed when you have a new voice. Flashes when new messages areDisplayed when messages are played.Standby Display. Once charged, your handset display will appear as illustrated below, displaying the handset name andFor example. Battery Level Indicator. Handset-Base Signal Indicator.

You can personalize your handsetTime of Day. Handset NumberQuick Guide. Function. Adjust earpiece volume. Privacy. Store phonebook number. Dial phonebook number. Handset ringer melody. Button pressEnter number. During a call,Phone rings,During a call,PressPressInternal, Paging, Alarm, or Appointment. Press. Make internal callHandset range. If the handset is too far away from the base,Using your phone. Make a callAfter a short delay the call timer will start timingCall timer. When you make or receive a call, a short whileThere are six levels. You can use handsfree to talk to your callerMake a call by pre-dialingThe number is displayed. You can enter numbers up to 24 digits long. PressPress and holdHandsfree also enables other people in the roomDuring a call:Call Waiting. If you subscribe to Call Waiting and the callThis model has a special call waiting tone inThis tone will be heard afterEnd a callOr. The call time will remain in the display for aReceive a call. When you receive a call, the handset(s) willOFF - see page 20). The symbolIf you have subscribed to a Caller ID service, theSee page 32 for further information on Caller ID.NOTE: If this feature is set to OFF, you WILL stillReceiving internal calls. If you receive a call from another handset, theMuting the ringer. You can also turn the ringer off or muteOr simply lift the handset from the base (providing. Auto Talk is set to On, see page 21). After a shortStore a redial number to the phonebookRedial. Redial the last number calledEnter a name using the keypad and press. For information on entering names, see page 17. You can enter a name of up to 13 letters. PressRedial any of the last 10 numbers called. Your handset saves the last 10 numbers calledEach handsetNumbers stored in theStore to Phbk, pressDeleting numbers from the redial listPressYou can use the Find Handset button on the baseAny handsets registered to your base will ring.

PressTo stop the paging ring:If you do not stop the paging ring, it will stopMute (privacy). When on a call you can mute the handsetPress. The symbolKeypad lock. The keypad lock helps prevent accidental dialingConversation recording. When on a call, you can record a conversation. When the keypad lock is on, you can still receiveSwitch the keypad lock ON. The recording will stop when the maximumSwitch the keypad lock OFFIf you enter a letter and the next letter is on theUsing the phonebook. You can store your 100 frequently used namesPressTo switch between upper and lower case,Phonebook entries are stored alphabetically.Press. To enter a pause, press and hold. You will see an R appear in the display first. Continue holdingStored names can be up to 13 letters long. PressStored numbers can be up to 24 digits long. PressEntering names. For example, to enter the name JOHN:For J. For O,For H,For N,PressYou may need to enter a pause in somePressWhen storing a number, at the point where youContinue holdingView and dial a phonebook entryOr. Search alphabetically for the entry.PressTo search alphabetically. Enter the first letter of the name you want usingPressOr. PressOr skip this step if you want to copy the wholePressCopy All. PressWhen the selected handset rings pressCheck available memory spacePressHandset ringer type. There are 10 handset ringer melodies to chooseYou can selectHandset and base menu settings. Handset ringer volume. There are 6 ringer volumes to choose from. You can also select volume Off if you do not wantYou can set a different ringer volume for eachInternal, Paging, Alarm, or AppointmentIf you select Volume Off, theAuto Talk. Auto Talk, lets you answer the phone just byIf you switch Auto. Talk off, you have to pressTREBLE, ALTO, or BASS. Press. AppointmentTime, see page 6. Your phone allows you to set 5PressPressPressPressSound Enhancer. You can adjust the Audio Tone of the earpiece. Your phone gives you four audio tone options.

Normal, Treble (High), Alto (Middle), or Bass (Low).Appointment 1 to Appointment 5.PressSoundEnhancer. PressAlarm. Your phone allows you to set an alarm.PressPressPressPressEnter the name usingTalk Display. You can select the type of information displayedThe default setting is Time.When the reminder occurs, your phone will ring. To stop alarm tone, press any key on theHandset name. You can change the name your phone displays onPressPressPressLanguage. You can change the language the menu displayFrench. Base ringer volume. There are 6 volume levels to choose from or youPressPressPressThere are 10 base ringer options to choose fromPrefix dialing. If you need to add a prefix to the number for aPressPressPressYou will hear a sample of each as you scrollSeven-Digit Dialing. You can program your local area code into yourCall barring. When switched on, Call Barring prevents callsPressPressPressSettings menuOff and pressTones. You can switch on or off the tones for key touch,For example, when the key tone is set to ON, youDial mode. You can set your phone to use either Tone or. Pulse dialing. The pre-set setting is TONE dialing,Only change it if yourKeyConfirmation. Warning. Range Alarm. PressPulse and pressRegistering a new handset. When you register a new handset to your base,The pre-set PIN code is 0000. If you wish you canTone Dialing Switch-Over. If you have set your phone to use Pulse dialing,Before registering, make sure the new handset isAlso, make sure allOn the handset you want to register:Any digits entered after the D will be dialedOn your base:If the base already has the maximum number ofDe-register a handset or a base. If you have more than one handset registered toSee section for de-registering handsets. Before registering, make sure all handsets and theOn the handset you want to register. Enter the base PIN code. Pre-set base PIN code is 0000.

You will hear a confirmation tone whenWhen in standby, the new handset number will beThe handset will automatically be allocated withBase and press. If registration is unsuccessful, the display willIf the handset registers to the base successfully,Base PIN code. You need to enter the base PIN code when youFor security reasons youSelecting a base. You can register a handset to up to 4 bases, e.g.Once your handset is registered with other bases,If you reset the base from the handset, base PINAlways keep a record of your base PIN code. Note your PIN code and keep it in a safe place. If you change the PIN code you will need to usePressPressResetting your phone. If you reset your phone, both the base andThe time, date, handset name, and phonebookFor the handset:PressIf you have more than one handset registered toPressPressThe handset will beep. For the base:Default settings. Handset and base. Ringer Volume. Level 3. Ringer Type. External. Tone. English. Group ID(Walkie-Talkie)Not Set. Tone 1. Call Barring. Not Set. Internal. Tone 2. Area Code. Paging. Tone 3. Walkie-Talkie. Pre- Recorded. Key. Pattern 1. On. Confirmation. Call Screen. Toll Saver. Off. Message LengthRange Alarm. Remote PINNot Set. Auto Talk. OnNOTE: If this feature is set to OFF, you WILL stillNetwork servicesThe calls log stores details of the last 30 incomingCaller ID. With CALLER ID, the caller’s name, if available, isIt can store numbers up to 24 digits long andWhen you haveIf the caller has withheld their listing. Unavailable or Private will be displayed or,Unavailable. You will not be able to dial back anOnly the first 14 letters of the caller’s name areCall Waiting Tone. This model has a special call waiting tone inThis tone will be heard afterWhen the calls log is full, a new call will replaceView the calls logThe latest calls log entry is displayed (or Call. List Empty if there are no entries).Copy Calls log number to the phonebookOr.

PressTo confirm and saveIf necessary, you can edit the number,To add (or remove) the stored area code,Enter a name using the keypad and pressIf you enter a name that is already stored in theDial calls log numberPressThe entry is now saved in the phonebook.Delete Calls log entry(ies)The latest calls log entry is displayed.Select Delete Entry or Delete List. PressIf you have subscribed to a message waitingTo listen to your waiting messages, you shouldWhen you haveWalkie-Talkie. With the Walkie-Talkie feature, a pair of handsetsThe Walkie-TalkieUsing extra handsets. If you purchased a multi-pack all your handsetsYou can use a total of 6 handsets with your base. Your handset can only be used with one base atYou must set both handsets to Walkie-Talkie-modeTo register a handset to your base, see page 27. Set Walkie-Talkie featureTo de-register a handset from your base, seePress. If you already have 6 handsets registered to yourTo edit the group ID, useWith more than one handset you can makeRoom Monitor. This feature allows you to monitor sounds inTo exit room monitor, press. This feature only works when both handsets areIf either handset isFirst, you will need to setup 2 handsets for roomCall another handset (internal or intercom call)Using Room MonitorPressPressRoom monitor will start.Place the handset you selected to monitor in theThe second handset will be used as a remoteTransferring a call. You can transfer an external caller from yourConference call. You can hold a 3-way conversation (conferenceDuring an external call:During an external call:The called handset will ring. NOTE: If you do not select another handset toIf the called handset does not answer,Handset Key. Press and hold 1. The Telephone Answering Machine. The Telephone Answering Machine will offer up toDelete All Messages. The delete all messages feature can be accessedYou can set up your answering machine using anyMessage). Messages can be reviewed at theRecord Memo.

The record memo feature can be accessed fromAnswering Machine Operation from a Handset. The answering machine settings can only beFunction. Play. Skip. DeleteAfter the confirmation tone, you can record aYour answeringOperation menu or access messages with theAnswering Machine settings. Answering Machine settings can be accessedMessage Playback. The answer machine messages can be playedYou can now choose from the AM settings menuSetting Call Screen. Incoming messages can be screened (playedTo set the Answering Machine On or Off, useSelect the desired On or Off option andUse. With Call Screen On, during OGM play andThere is also a pre-recorded OGM for yourPress. IfThe call can be answered at any time by pressingSelect the desired option and press. If recording an OGM, record will begin after theSelect the desired On or Off option andYou may record and edit 2 personal OGMsOGM 1 and OGM 2. To select an OGM, use. Select OGM. PressThis function is only available with one handset atRing Delay. You can set the answering machine to pick up aSetting Remote PIN. You must set a 4 digit PIN to enable remoteFor Toll Saver, the call is answered after 10sec ifTo set the Remote PIN useRemote PIN. PressTo set the ring time, useRing Delay. PressMessage Alert. To set the base to beep when there is a newPressMessage Length. You can set the record length for incomingAnnounce only. To select the answering machine language, useAnnounce only means only the OGM is played. To set the message length usePress. PressUsing the Base Answering Machine. When the answering machine is off, the LEDThe LED displayYou may review messagesRemote Access Away from Home. You can access your answering machine from anyYou must set a 4 digit remote PIN in the handset toRecord OGM. You may select from the key options below. Main Menu. Sub Menu. Voice guidance.